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Earth Dams

Wildcat Lake Dam Repair

Banner Elk, NC 

Wildcat Lake is a 13 acre public access lake located off Hickory Nut Gap Road.  Eggers Construction cleared around the existing dam and drained the lake.  A temporary construction road was built to the existing dam where 120 LF of 54 inch ductile iron pipe was laid through the dam. The pipe was encased with 6 inches minimum of concrete all the way around.  A cold water return riser 96 inches in diameter and 32 feet tall was then set.  Eggers Construction hauled and placed 15,000 tons of rip-rap on both sides of dam.  An 8 foot wide concrete emergency spillway was built along with a plunge pool.  8 inches of ABC stone was installed across the top of dam along with 8 more inches of topsoil.  Water was then returned to lake.   

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